Saturday, July 14, 2012

Size differences made plausible

To many, because of the possibility of close interaction between human beings of not-so-disparate sizes, plausible size-difference fetish is the preferred chapter of macrophilia. Much fantastic literature is devoted to the relation between humans of normal (or below normal) height with people from 7 to 10 or more feet tall (210 to 300 cm). Plausible size-difference is also a classic in image morphing and montages.

Sometimes, however, it is surprisingly difficult to imagine in comparison the right proportions between people of normal and larger sizes. What would you find at your eye level, for instance, in front of a nude man 8 feet (240 cm) tall? The following pictures help answering such kind of questions. They feature a series of nude photograph sessions including normal height men (~5.9 feet ~180 cm) and giants from 7 to 10 feet (210 to 300 cm).  

7 feet (210 cm): Brian Schwarz, highschool rugbier from Atlanta, USA

8 feet (240 cm): Bela Dvornik, factory manager from Debrecen, Hungary

9 feet (270 cm): Myogo Dwaliogo, Swahari warrior from Rwanda

10 feet (300 cm): SEX2030, sexual-pleasure android prototype     

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